Ivolo makes the dream of flight come true, at any time, in any weather conditions, and without risks. Enjoy the best flight experience with the first personal flight simulator on the market.

The flight experience is recreated providing the user all the real sensations of a flying session, with the ability to set custom scenarios and environment conditions..

Ivolo is the ultimate solution for spending exciting moments alone or with your guests: installed at your properties, or even on your yacht... always ready for takeoff!

Case Study - TOP MARQUES MONACO April 2015

Ivolo was presented for the first time at Top Marques Monaco. Among the many pilots testing the full motion simulator there was Fremy Olivier, a private pilot for 15 years with 500 flight hours, commenting: "I assessed this simulator during the last Top Marques trade show. The feeling is excellent and after just one minute on board you forget that you are in a simulator. The perception of the external world is very good. As a mechanical engineer, I can say the cabin is well implemented and the quality of the full motion system is at professional level. The electrical actuators are well dimensioned and strongly assembled. I’m looking forward to fly it again..."

Feel free to choose the skin you like most, or ask for a fully personalized solution.

Details matter! You can customize the cabin according to your preferences.

Ivolo is provided upon request with particular care for luxury details, such as golden parts, jewels and special light effects.
Ivolo interiors can be delivered in finewood, and other precious materials.
Select the motion engines according to your preferred actuator configuration.
Inside the cabin you experience the real flight evironment thanks to the best aerospace simulation technology.
Ivolo comes with a set of accessories to fully personalize and enrich your simulation experience.
For any information and advice please write at info@ivolo.aero.

For further information you can also call the following numbers:
T: +39 0372 1876129 - M: +39 331 619 5838

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